Do I need any experience to fly with you?

No, most of the people we fly tandem have no experience in air sports before they take their first step with their instructor.  You will be flying with an experienced instructor and therefore benefit from their years of training.

Where are you located?

We are located in downtown Glenwood Springs, CO.  During the summer months and most of the fall, we can be found at Glenwood Adventure Company located at 723 Cooper Avenue.  If you are flying in the spring, please call us for meeting locations.

What are your age limits?

We fly everyone.  Because you are flying with one of our certified instructors, we can fly anyone from 2 to 92.  Please call if you have any concerns about children.

What are your flight times?

We fly every day from May to October.  During our summer season and early fall, we fly at 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00 all in the morning.  If you are flying during our shoulder season, please call for the best flight times.

Is paragliding safe?

YES, we have flown over 5000 satisfied customers without incident.

What is the difference between parasailing, paragliding, and hang-gliding?

Parasailing is done when you are pulled aloft by a boat or car and follow the path of the vehicle in the air.  Hang-gliding although similar to paragliding is performed on a fixed wing that looks like a boomerang.  Paragliding is done on an airfoil wing that is inflated by the movement of air through its cells.

Do you offer photographs?

Yes, we offer both video and photographic memories of your trip.  Please visit out gallery to view some sample images from recent flights.  You can add on these packages when you book your flight.

Are your instructors experienced?

Yes, our instructors are all certified and insured through the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association.  In order to become tandem certified, you need to complete many years of training and testing before interacting with any novices.  Most of our instructors have well over 10 years’ experience flying tandems.