Our USHGA Certified Instructors are dedicated to helping you become a safe and capable pilot. Our private certification program utilizes both tandem flying and classroom training to engrain the skills necessary to pilot your own glider and fly solo.

Intensive P2 Certification Course
Adventure Paragliding offers the most extensive and comprehensive P2 program available in the US today.

Come to Glenwood for a vacation and learn how to fly.

Our certification program runs between 8-12 days and utilizes complete immersion, thereby catapulting your skill level in a condensed time frame. What makes us unique from all the others is the use of a training hill, ridge soaring, and high altitude flying. Our two training sites offer the student diverse landing options ranging from restricted to wide open. After our intensive, you will walk away with enough skills and knowledge to effectively deal with any conditions a P2 site might require.

Although other school may claim to have similar training conditions, most of them instruct on a training slope (less than 2 minutes per flight) skirted by large meadows, leaving the new P2 without many of the skills required by mountain and restricted sites. Therefore, in the long run, you might pay more money in guide fees and time, learning necessary skills than you originally anticipated.

The school you choose for your foundation training is one of the most crucial decisions you will make as a novice pilot and one of the few you have complete control over. We at Adventure Paragliding understand the complexities of making this choice and want you, as a potential student, to be comfortable with your selection. We encourage you to do your research because we are confident that our school offers the most diverse training facility in the US.

Our P2 course is designed to accommodate out of town visitors who would like to finish their course as quick as possible and still get in all the aspects of instruction and flying without having to go to many sites around the country.

Come visit Adventure Paragliding and get certified, while enjoying one of the most scenic and adventure filled destinations in the country. You will be begging for bad weather day’s to enjoy all the activities it has to offer

The price of our P2 certification course is $1850 and includes:
-The use of equipment
– a $450 certificate towards new equipment
-Transportation to and from our training hills
-Hotel accommodation can be provided close to training hill for an additional fee
-Expert instruction.
-For an additional fee all food and drinks can be included.

Don’t have 10 days in a row. We can custom fit your course anyway you like.

Transport to and from the Denver international airport can be arranged for groups of 3 or more for no additional charge.

Two Hour Introductory course

Our two hour introductory course will teach you the basic skills necessary to begin your adventure in paragliding. We start your experience with a tandem instruction flight from our flying site in Glenwood Springs.Then we move into the landing zone to learn the basics of flight and play with the gliders on the ground.

Two hour introductory course is $250.00, including the use of equipment.

 Intermediate P3 Program

The P3 program is designed to take the P2 pilot to the next level. As a P2 pilot you should be able to spot land and have good ground handling and both reverse and forward launching skills. In this program we spend a considerable amount of time to perfect these skills.

Being a P3 pilot means being confident in many aspects of paragliding. The main purpose of the program is to train you to become a independent pilot (not meaning a pilot that seeks to fly alone); one that can make responsible solo decisions and one that knows his own ability as well as being able to judge conditions, read new sites and assess microclimate weather conditions.

Having a P3 rating also marks the most dangerous time in any pilots’ career. This stage better known as the intermediate syndrome has gotten a lot of pilots in trouble. During the P3 program we strive to get you through this stage by teaching good decision making and flying skills.

The final goal in the P3 program is to teach excellent thermaling skills which will prepare you to leave the local hill and exercise healthy decision making during cross country flights.

Once again, the P3 program is geared to take you to the next level and prepare you for more challenging flying.

We all want to become better at anything we do and for obvious reasons this makes more sense in paragliding than a lot of other sports. Even if my main goal is not to fly the furthest or longest but purely to make my experience safer and more fun, the P3 program is surely for you.

During my thirteen years of flying I think the biggest mistake I made in my first few years was to have an attitude of “Oh, I don’t need to do any further courses, I can figure it out on my own; I am a good athlete.” In that time I saw all my friends that put the effort and money in to learn as much as they can excel and leave me behind.

In order to become a good pilot you have to make the effort to fly different sites, surround yourself with pilots that wants to learn and get coaching from instructors that have really done the things they try to teach you.

During the Adventure Paragliding P3 course we will use one weekend out of each month in the spring, summer and fall (weather depending) to visit different sites and hone our skills.

(Note: Locations may change on short notice depending on weather, etc.)

Anyone interested in the P3 course please contact me and reserve your spot.

Price: $1350.00 for the whole course or $250 per weekend.
Includes: Transport, Instruction, retrieval and camping for all weekends.

We are arranging a maneuvers clinic during the spring somewhere close to Aspen. Those of you who signs up for the whole course also gets one day included in there course price, a $150.00 value.